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Whatever happened to Cubanate?

I was just blowing the dust off an old Chemlab record to cram into my iPod, when I started thinking of industrial bands I used to listen to in high school. One band that popped to mind was Cubanate; a very hard-hitting, rough, gritty industrial band from somewhere near Germany from what I remember.

I remember catching them at the Troubador in Santa Monica over 10 years ago… and now I’m realizing that they were putting out better music then, than what’s out now in my opinion. They opened for Chemlab at that show. Chemlab had the bassist from Thrill Kill Kult filling in, and they and Cubanate tour that place apart in just around 2 hours.

My good buddy Ricky and I walked out of that place completely deaf and high on sound. So where are they now?

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  1. hello i was in Cubanate,nope werent from Germany , from London.Split in 2000,Marc Heal was a alcoholic and i couldnt be bothered with it any more.He did some tracks for a album after i left called ‘search engine’ in 2001 , ‘shit engine’ would of been a better title.He’s well now though,cubanate has a myspace if you want to check it out.
    Dont think we ever played with Chemlab,although things were alittle hazy back them so i might be wrong.Do agree with you that not alot has happened musically in that scene in the last 10yrs, the amount of good new bands can be counted on the fingers of one hand.
    all the best

  2. Phil allegedly lives in my hometown of Cambridge. If I ever see the fucker I’m going to force him to call up Marc and reform Cubanate at gunpoint. I can’t bear it any longer, the UK electro-industrial scene needs this band back. When was the last time you heard Body Burn in a club? Yeah exactly. Can the futurepop and bring back the aggression.

  3. Hugo Beyts Says:
    April 23rd, 2009 at 7:02 am

    I agree about this whole ‘bands since’ thing. To be honest, it’s your fault Mr Barry, where was there to go? It’s been about 14 years since I first heard cubanate and no music has really excited me since. If there are up to five other bands that could send the hairs on my spine tingling again, I’d appreceate a list of them! Whilst I’m here, on the off chance of anyone reading this, it’s one of the greatest regrets of my life (and there are many) that I didn’t get a barbarossa tour t-shirt when I had the chance and would pay good money for one now. If anyone can help, email mustardwest at gmail.com. thanks.

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