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It’s been a few weeks, but I haven’t written about it ‘til now. I’m going to be the father of twin girls in September! We found out that Courtney was pregnant a few months back, and when she went in to the doc’s to see how far along she was, during the ultrasound, the doctor said “Oh, well look at that, there’s two in there.”

My jaw dropped when I heard the news, and I realized that we weren’t just having to make room for one more child, but two more.

It served as a good kick in the butt to move. We needed a bigger pad to accommodate the Brady Bunch I was slowly breeding in it. So we found a nice house, with 4 rooms and real grass in the backyard this time.

I’m very stoked that we’re having girls. We already have to wonderful boys, but I’m very afraid that if we’d had anymore, I’d come home one day to a pile of smoldering ashes that was once my house. That, or the dog may turn up spray painted one day, the car wrecked, etc. you never know with those two.

So having girls is a blessing. Though, from hearing stories about Courtney growing up, I’ll probably be eating my words in a few years, and the boys and I will be living in a tent in the backyard.

The only concern I have is if the twins pop out identical. If so, I’m taking them straight over to Todd’s to tattoo each of them.

Courtney has already bought a few identical girls outfits, and I told her right away; that if the kids are identical or look pretty similar, then you’re taking care of them the day they wear those outfits; because I won’t know who’s who.

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  1. hahaha not that it matters whos who…diapers are diapers and they both gotta eat :)

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